Influenza, commonly referred to as flu, is a highly contagious disease caused by the influenza virus and should be vaccinated against annually.

The vaccine is most effective for 3-4 months, so for this reason, it is advisable to get the flu shot in late autumn to ensure you are protected through peak flu season. Protect your family’s health this flu season and book your flu vaccination at Park Medical Group today.

Influenza is highly contagious and spreads via coughing, sneezing or touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your nose or mouth. Good hand hygiene practices such as hand washing or the use of alcohol hand rubs:

     before and after eating,

     after going to the toilet,

     after blowing your nose or coughing,

     before and after helping someone who is sick

are important measures that help prevent the spread of flu and other diseases.

Flu can make existing medical conditions worse, cause high fever and pneumonia.

The vaccine is free for people most at risk of complications from flu including:

     pregnant women

     children aged 6 months to less than 5 years

     people aged over 65

     people with medical conditions that put them at risk:

              heart disease

              kidney disease

              chronic respiratory conditions

              chronic respiratory conditions

              chronic medical conditions that required regular medical attention or hospitalisation in the last year

              chronic neurological conditions

              impaired immunity

Although the vaccine is free for those meeting the criteria outlined above, you may be charged a consultation fee when visiting the doctor.


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